Southern Blues


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Nov. 2016

Workshops at Southern Blues

Everything you need to know for the 4-6 November weekend

Every dancer loves a workshop, and every exchange loves an international teacher (or two), but what will be taught at Southern Blues 2016? Here's the run down on the treat in store for dancers this year.

Saturday All-Levels Workshop Guide

Take your dancing on a journey to somewhere new

Partnering Your Solo Moves

The world of blues dancing is filled with popular dances and figures from its simple beginnings to now. Many of these are often done solo. Learning to specifically lead & follow them opens you up to new dimensions in your dance experience. We will be exploring how we take these figures into partnered movement and shared dancing, beyond just doing them next to your partner.


Come strut your stuff! Struttin’ is a style of blues that tends to go with faster music, and focuses on close embrace connection and footwork. Learn the moves and concepts to keep this deceptively simple dance interesting and fun.

Improvisational Connection

This class will push you out of your normal dance box! We will focus on blues connection from a kinesthetic and creative point of view, broadening our ideas of what we can use to convey information to our partners. We often connect using only a few contact points, but in reality our whole bodies can be conduits of energy for our partners.

Grooving versus Smoothing

Music is like an onion, or a parfait. It has layers…there are instruments responsible for percussion and timekeeping, others for melody and lyricism. Adventure on the dance floor happens when we begin exploring the dynamic layers of rhythm and melody through our movement and connection.

Friday Advanced Workshop Guide

A masterclass in genres of blues

If you and your partner were dancing with headphones, would a passerby be able to guess what music you’re dancing to? In this master class, we will explore what it means to express two of these sub-genres: Slow Chicago Blues, and Latin Rhythms in Blues.

Answer questions like these (and more!): How do you groove at 55bpm to a gritty B.B. King song? How do you melt to a wailing guitar while still keeping your pulse? How do you let the rich sounds of Latin influenced blues music flow through your body and into our partner?