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Nov. 2016

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Dear Blossom,
I want to come to Southern Blues! When can I book! I don't want to miss out!
- Keen in Canberra

Dear Keen,
Registrations will be through the website and will open in late July. For the best chance at being first in, sign up for the Southern Blues newsletter on this page.
And yes, there will be early bird pricing!
- B

Dear Blossom,
I want to come, but it's not til November and I'm not sure I will be able to get the time off then! What happens if I book and I can't make it?
Perth Planner

Dear Planner,
Southern Blues encourages you to book if you want to come. In the event that you are unable to make it, please contact the organisers to arrange a refund, a partial refund, or if close to the event, to arrange a sale to dancers on a waiting list.
- B

Dear Blossom,
I want to come to Southern Blues but I don't know anyone in Adelaide and can't afford a hotel, what should I do?!
- Bedless from Ballarat

Dear Bedless,
There are many lovely dancers in Adelaide who will happily host dancers. During registration, simply tick the ‘I need hosting’ option and the organisers will put you in touch with someone with a spare bed. This is also great way to meet other dancers and build your own connections with the national community.
- B

Dear Blossom,
I have only been Blues dancing a little while. Is Southern Blues for me?
- Sydney Shy

Dear Shy,
Absolutely! Southern Blues is primarily a social event and prides itself on its inclusive and nurturing atmosphere. Dancers of all levels are welcome, so come and ask us for a dance!
- B

Dear Blossom,
Will the venues be close to public transport? I don't drive!
- Bondi Buslady

Dear Buslady,
The majority of the events will take place in the CBD. Rest assured that the local attendees will always help with carpools and rides. Southern Blues will endeavour to provide all relevant information about travel to and from venues and you can find public transport information on the Adelaide Metro website, or by searching in Google Maps. UberX is also now operating in Adelaide and taxi-cabs are available all weekend. And if all the dancing isn't enough exercise, there is free bike hire available in the city.
- B

Dear Blossom,
I love dancing but I've had some bad experiences in the past. What are you doing to make sure I feel safe?
Once Bitten…

Dear Bitten,
I'm sorry to hear you've had bad experiences in the past, but the Southern Blues organisers know that not everyone is fully aware of the effect their actions can have on others. We require all attendees of Southern Blues to read and agree to our Safer Spaces policy and all participants are encouraged speak up if they have any concerns at any time.
- B